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On Becoming a Vendor

The market is self-governing and operates under rules and by-laws established by the membership. We have a membership committee, whose responsibility is to keep a file of people interested in selling at the market and to make recommendations in the event of a vacancy.

Usually, the committee recommends three potential vendors. Then at the annual general meeting of all vendors, one of the three is selected. This is done by secret ballot -- one vote per farm.

We have only enough room to accommodate 23 vendors. But I would encourage anyone interested in participating in the market to submit a letter of interest so that you may be considered in the event of a vacancy. It is rare that a vacancy occurs during the regular market season (from April to December) but it has happened.

You may give the letter to the president of our board or to Dave Hochheimer at the Black Rock Orchard stand, or you may mail it to Dave Hochheimer at the following address:

Black Rock Orchard,
5400 N. Church St.
Lineboro, MD 21102

The winter market operates under slightly different rules and does admit some vendors who are not part of the regular market. If you are interested in participating in next year's winter market send us a letter at the above address or contact Dave Hochheimer of Black Rock Orchard.

One other point: The Takoma Park market is a producer-only market. Everyone who sells there must produce everything they sell. No exceptions, summer or winter. Also, the market is restricted to food and plants. We do not allow crafts or other non-food products to be sold.